Did you know that, in the US alone, more than 40 million people suffer from hair loss? So, no matter how frustrating hair loss can be, know you are not alone.


your Style

We’ll take the time to give you private, one-on-one guidance, personalizing your treatment plan to give you a 100% Natural look and feel that fits your personal style.


Thin Hair

Here at Advanced Hair Aesthetics, we understand that hair loss can be an embarrassing and sensitive situation. We know each person and case is different, so we’d love to learn more about how we can cater to your exact needs.


Hair Loss Solutions

We offer several types of Cosmetic Hair Loss solutions in San Diego for both men and women. Hair Replacement, Hair Extensions, Wigs, & Scalp MicroPigmentation.

Recovery Therapies

Hair loss treatments, hair re-growth laser therapy to scalp soothing therapies provided in our San Diego clinic or privately in your home.

Salon Services

Highlights, Hair Color, Hair Extensions, Hair Weaves, Men and Women’s Haircuts, Wig Cuts are among the many services we specialize in.

Our Results Look and Feel Natural

Hair Loss Replacement

“I literally drive from LA just to get my special treatment from the fabulous Melinda Galloway. I have known her for years and for years she has made me feel like a valuable part of her business. Melinda is highly qualified and educated in not just hair styling and coloring… -Nikki

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

I read a lot about SMP but chose to stay local because I got a better price, avoided travel expenses, and was really well looked after. My wife said that she loved me bald but after my SMP she never leaves me alone. I smile in the mirror everyday. I don’t have hair but I’m not bald -D.W.

Hair Extensions

She is the ultimate professional, friendly, caring, and genuine! Provided excellent customer service, surpassed my expectations! Melinda was patient, listened to my issues with a caring ear. She answered all my questions and gave me hope with a great solution. -Renee

Melinda Galloway H.P.T

Holistic Practitioner of Trichology

Melinda Galloway HPT, a board certified Hair Practitioner of Trichology, has been providing beauty and wellness services throughout San Diego since 1996. Her passion for hair loss disorders evolved from her own personal struggle with Trichotillomania (an anxiety disorder associated with hair-pulling). Early on in her career as a cosmetologist, she saw a gap between the cosmetic hair service industry and medical professionals in educating, helping and treating hair loss..


Hair Loss Stories

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