Cosmetic Hair Loss Services

Hair Replacement & Cranial Prosthesis

Hair Replacement & Cranial Prosthesis is a non-surgical process of bonding or integration allowing the wearer to feel that their hair is a part of them and participate in active lifestyles (swimming, workouts, etc). Customized per hair loss situation, these hair systems can match any length, color, density and texture; ensuring a natural and virtually undetectable look and feel.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are not only designed to lengthen the look of your hair, but may also be applied to increase thickness and volume. It is a great way to add depth and overall movement of your hair. Hair extensions can also be custom tailored to create the appearance of highlights and low lights without chemically changing your hair.

A free comprehensive hair extension consultation is completed initially with every client. This gives the client a chance to discuss their questions and/or concerns while we assess their hair prior to performing any service. During the consultation we offer a free test hair extension. The extension is intended to give you an idea of how they feel in your own hair.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is a medical grade, micro tattoo that reduces the contrast between the color of the scalp and the color of the hair so that the scalp can not be easily seen. Men and women suffering from thin hair or hair loss due to various forms of Alopecia can benefit from SMP. Hairlines can be recreated and scalp scars from hair transplant surgeries can disappear with micro pigments that appear as new growing hair follicles


Cosmetic Hair Loss Services FAQ’s

What is
Cosmetic Hair

According to the American Hair loss Council, cosmetic hair replacement is “Any external hair bearing device Read More…

added to existing hair or scalp to give one the appearance of a fuller head of hair”. (Examples of cosmetic hair replacement include hair integration, hair extensions, hair pieces, full or partial hair prostheses, hair wefts, etc.) Devices may consist of human hair, synthetic fiber or a combination of both. To make sure you look like your natural self, these hairs are generally colored to match your own hair.

What is the Cost and Time Involved for Hair Replacement & Extensions?

Depending on the hair length, density and size,prices for each custom hair replacement do vary.Read More…
After we learn about your needs and best solutions, we will find a solution that fits your needs and budget. Maintenance of hair replacement will be necessary once every 4 to 8 weeks whereby the hair will need to be removed, cleaned and re-attached. This takes approximately one hour and is a pleasant experience, rather like visiting a regular hairdresser.

Will Any of These Procedures Cause Damage to My Own Naturally Growing Hair?

No. In fact, many women who come in already having damaged hair see remarked improvement in a short time.Read More…
The procedure that you receive does need to cared for and maintained, so it’s important to follow the instructions given after the procedure to keep your hair and scalp at their best possible state.

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